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Five Reasons Why Egg Donations Can Change A Person’s Life

Have you ever thought about egg donation? Your donation could change someone’s life forever in a beautiful way. Most healthy women aged 33 and under can donate their eggs and help a person or a couple who are having difficulties conceiving a child. The people and couples who receive these donations are getting the greatest gift in the world. An egg donation can be a life-changing moment for a person. Let’s take a look at how monumental this incredible gift is.

1. You Give the Gift of Life

Many people desire to have children and for one reason or another they have difficulties conceiving or are unable to have children at all. An egg donation makes it possible for these people to have children and become parents. It is an incredible gift, life. Egg donations make life possible not only for a newborn child, but also for the person or couple who is now able to have a child thanks to the egg donation. Not only is there a newborn life, but they also get to start a new life as a parent. They will get to experience the joys of watching their child grow, learn, and love. Egg donations change multiple lives and make new lives possible. The CDC estimates that roughly ten percent of women aged 15 to 44 have impaired fecundity, which basically means they will probably never be able to have children on their own. Egg donations make it possible for them to be parents.

2. It Honors a Life

Most people know someone who has struggled to conceive or is infertile. Donating your eggs to a couple in need of help is a way to honor all of those people who have tried so hard and wanted so badly to be parents but never could make it happen. You can provide someone with a chance that they would have never had otherwise.

3. You Won’t Use All of Your Eggs

Every month you ovulate and shed an egg. Perhaps you don’t want children of your own, or maybe you don’t want to add to your existing family. Whatever the case maybe you ovulate an egg every month. There are so many couples and people out there who desire to have children so badly, but they don’t have a fertilizable egg. You can give the eggs that you are not going to use to a couple in need so that they can have a child that they will love endlessly.

4. Part of You Exists

When you donate your eggs you are essentially putting a piece of yourself out into the world. It is amazing! Whether you have children of your own or whether you ever plan on having your own kids, by donating your eggs you are ensuring that a piece of you, your genetic material, is being spread. The natural beauty of life continues thanks to the help that you gave your fellow human being in their time of need. The gift of life is an incredible thing to give another person, and in a real way you are also giving the gift of yourself and your own life which was gifted to you by your parents.

5. Change the World

The potential of the human life cannot be measured. When you donate your eggs, you have no idea how the life you are about to create will change the world or how that life will go on to affect other people’s lives. The potential is truly breathtaking.

Being an egg donor can be an extremely rewarding experience. Please contact us to learn more about the process of donating your eggs or how to receive an egg donation. Egg donation is a life-changing event for everyone involved.

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