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How to Choose the Right Fertility Specialist

Turning to a fertility specialist is a frustrating part of the journey to parenthood for many couples. You’ve likely already tried for months–or potentially even years–to add a baby to your family. Depending on the health concerns that have sent you to a fertility doctor, you may find yourself needing to work closely with them for a long time. That makes choosing the right specialist a critical part of the process.


  1. Do your research. Look for a clinic with high recent success rates, but be willing to take them with a grain of salt. Some clinics, for example, discourage couples with serious issues who may have a particularly hard time getting pregnant, while others are eager to take on the challenge–and both decisions can significantly impact success rates. If you already know what health concerns are preventing you and your spouse from getting pregnant, look for an infertility specialist that specializes in the issues you’re facing. A proven track record might not guarantee you the pregnancy you’re hoping for, but it will help significantly increase your odds. Talk to others you know who have struggled with infertility about their journeys. Did they have a fertility specialist that they loved? Did they work with a clinic that they hated? Take the time to carefully discuss how they felt that they were treated and their concerns addressed during the fertility process.


  1. Ask the right questions. Talk with the fertility specialist you’re considering about their staff. Do they have high employee turnover, or have the employees currently at the clinic been there for years? A solid employee base that has been with your fertility doctor for a long time can help walk you through the process–and it shows a commitment to effective management that will make your path to pregnancy more pleasant. If the fertility clinic is too busy to answer your questions now, when you’re still looking for the fertility specialist that’s right for you, chances are, they will still be too busy to answer your questions when you’re in the middle of your fertility treatments.


  1. Think through the ethical issues and how your clinic will handle them. Ask about age limits on fertility procedures. Are there people who won’t qualify for treatment? What about the number of embryos implanted during an IVF procedure: where does your clinic draw the line? While implanting as many embryos as possible can be tempting, it can also lead to a multiple pregnancy, which is more dangerous for both mother and babies. Talk with your fertility doctor to be sure that they draw the ethical line in the same place you do.
  2. Check out available treatment options. What treatments does your fertility specialist offer to help you and your partner get those two pink lines on a test that you’ve been waiting for? If the clinic jumps straight to IVF–the most expensive procedure available, and one that is not without risk–it may be a sign that they aren’t the right clinic for you. There are several options available to help you get pregnant, and you want to be sure you’re working with a fertility specialist who will base their choices on your health and your needs, not necessarily on what will bring in the most money for the clinic.


  1. Factor in cost. While cost shouldn’t be the deciding factor in your fertility journey, it can certainly be a contributing one! Talk to potential fertility specialists about the projected cost of treatment. Examine what your insurance will cover, if anything, and consider which providers are in-network. Before embarking on fertility treatments, you should also decide how far you’re willing to go. Do you have financial boundaries that will determine how long you’re willing to try? Is there a point at which you’ll walk away? You don’t your finances to be the only factor, but you do need to know how they’ll impact your ability to work with a specific fertility specialist.


Choosing a fertility specialist is a very personal process. If you’re on that roller coaster of trying to get pregnant each month without success, contact us to learn more about whether or not we’re the right clinic for you. Scroll Up