Financial Information

We understand financial considerations may be an important part of medical care, especially in infertility. Our staff is available to verify your insurance in detail, to help you maximize your insurance coverage, as well as explain any financial options.

We offer Risk-Reducing Refund package plans and discounted Multi IVF Cycle plans for qualifying patients, which offer a drastic discount on multiple IVF cycles. With the Refund plans, some patients will qualify for a partial or full refund (100%) of their IVF medical care fees paid to our center. This plan makes sense to us because if we could, we would have 100% success in helping our patients fulfill their dreams of expanding their family. If unsuccessful the first time, they would have the financial resources to try again or adopt. Nearly all of the participants of this program have shared that they would recommend it to their family and friends and were happy to have the options. To find out if you qualify, please ask our financial specialist at your new patient visit. Restrictions apply.

Many health insurers do not cover infertility, but many insurers will provide coverage for some gynecological diagnoses. However, we do not accept assignment for office visit charges unless we have a contract with your insurer or your health insurer’s written authorization or referral for your appointment. Payment for medical, lab, and diagnostic services provided in the office is due at the time of service. If we have a managed care contract with your insurer, you are expected to pay for the deductible and/or co-pay at the time of service. To keep patient accounts current, we accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards, as well as certified checks, personal checks, money orders and cash. Your receipt for payment will contain the standard diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment codes as determined by your physician.

If you would like more information concerning our financial options, please contact us here.



The majority of our patients’ insurance plans do not offer infertility treatment benefits. However, there are some companies in the U.S. who offer their employees infertility benefits. To find out more about your plan, simply call us with your insurance information, bring your insurance card with you to your first consultation, and/or provide us with your employer summary of benefits. Our financial specialist will verify your insurance benefits for you to help you maximize your cost savings.


Discount Programs

We always look for ways to say “Thank You” to those who’ve helped our center, our staff, and our community.  We also want to be able to assist families that need more financial assistance.  Hence, we have created the Compassionate Discount program.

Compassionate Discount Program

This program is based on financial need and offers between 5 to 25% off IVF cycle fees. The discount, coupled with our high success rates, helps us to best assist these well-deserving families. Please let your coordinator know if you think you may qualify to be a candidate for our discount program.

Kaiser Permanente members

We do work closely with Kaiser Permanente to provide continued fertility care. Kaiser members may contact their benefits department for detailed fertility coverage.

Discounts on Fertility Medication

RFC participates in research programs to help qualify our patients for special discounts on fertility medication. You may be able to save hundreds or thousands of dollars on these programs that RFC joined for the benefit of our patients. Ask your nursing coordinator for more details.



Some of our patients have expressed interest in obtaining loans through credit card carriers and medical loan companies. Although we do not offer in-house financing, we do have outside financial referrals. Companies independent of RFC offer our patients financing for medical treatments. Just ask our financial specialist for more information.

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