Treatment Options


Egg Donation (Anonymous/Known Donor)

Donor eggs may be used in IVF for women that have been unable to achieve a pregnancy with their own eggs. The eggs may come from a known or anonymous donor. Donor eggs are then fertilized with the sperm of the recipient partner (or with donor sperm as indicated), with subsequent embryos transferred to the recipient’s uterus. For anonymous egg donation (recipient couple does not know the identity of the egg donor), our Center provides a list of donors to choose from which match the recipient couple’s desired characteristics. All donors undergo a thorough medical, genetic, psychological, and laboratory screening prior to donation and are contractually bound by legal documentation on their agreement to donate their eggs.

Sperm Donation

Sperm Donation/Sperm donors go through a similar process as egg donors. Sperm donors typically come from a friend, relative, or can be an anonymous donor from a cryobank. The donor must submit to FDA required infectious disease screenings prior to donating. Patients are able to arrange for a private donor as their sperm donor for their IVF treatment. They may also choose a sperm donor from a cryobank and have the sperm shipped to our center for their upcoming fertility treatment cycle.

Embryo Donation

With the advances in embryo genetic testing and better embryo freezing techniques, embryo donation is becoming a more viable option than before. In the past, the success rates of frozen, donated embryos were lower due to the freezing techniques, media, and the lack of genetic testing. Currently, an embryo that has been tested normal would have a better chance of leading to a live birth.

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