Should IVF Be the Dominant Model? Grand Rounds Sessions Held by CDC asking should IVF be the dominant model? Research at Dartmouth shows that older patients with unexplained infertility (about 3

Fertility Preservation and Breast Cancer Studies have shown that fertility preservation is often an important issue for reproductive age women diagnosed with cancer.  A review article contains the fol

Exercise More, Watch Less TV, Can Improve Sperm Count More on male reproductive health.  Another study was published on Feb 4th in the British Journal of Sports Medicine “Physical activity and television wat

Lower Sperm Counts Linked To A Diet High in Saturated Fat Doctors have advised limiting or avoiding saturated fat, which can lead to a variety of diseases.  Now it is also linked to lower sperm count in men.  A resea

Making the Case for Parental Duty to Use PGD for Medical Benefit Bioethicists explores the idea of parental duty to use preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for the medical benefit for future children, in situations in whi

IVF Embryos that Were Frozen May Result in Healthier Babies On Sept 4, 2012, the Guardian published the following article.  The takeaway message is that it reassures the safety of frozen embryos, but does not suggest th

ASRM 2008 Annual Meeting San Francisco This year for American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual meeting, most of our staff were able to attend, taking courses and updating ourselves wi

Frozen Embryo Study We want to share an interesting story: A news report from the U.K. indicated that they “found no increased risk of congenital malformations in the FER gro Scroll Up