Knowledge is Power Actress Angelina Jolie Pitt wrote this Diary of a Surgery a week ago.  She had made some very public healthcare choices to prevent cancer. This article reminds

Surrogacy Parenting Expansion Approved in NJ It’s great to see New Jersey to finally pass this bill and set the parameters for surrogacy!  In California, the rules are similar and we are able to pla

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Real Housewife Expecting After Long Infertility Struggle Real Housewife Expecting After Long Infertility Struggle

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Team of Britain’s Ethicist Conclude UK’s Ban on IVF Gender Selection Has No Ethical Basis Gender Selection in the US is not banned, although had been the topic of many debates. This article from the UK presents an interesting perspective. Read the fu

Actress Sofia Vergara reveals that she’s freezing her eggs Actress Sofia Vergara reveals in April’s issue of Vogue that she’s freezing her eggs. Egg freezing is usually recommended for single women age 38 an

Celebrities Who Used Surrogate Mothers to Have Babies Celebrities have fertility issues just like everyone else.  Sometimes celebrities sharing their fertility challenges openly can help make them more socially ac

Meet Giuliana & Bill’s New Baby via Surrogacy Surrogacy is what enabled Giuliana and Bill to become parents! Giuliana & Bill are two of the most well known TV personalities.  They debuted their new son Scroll Up