PGD Saves the Day

The advance of Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis is well-documented and researched.  At our center, we offer in-house PGD services, which allows patients to check their embryos for genetic disorders.  PGD can also be used to specifically pinpoint a certain hereditary genetic disorder and eliminate it from the next generation.  One of our patients has asked me […]

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We Love to Hear From You

We always love to hear from our patients, updating us on how they are doing, when their babies have arrived, etc.  Over the years we’ve received many memorable cards and announcements (See some of them on the Testimonials page of our website). Here is one we received recently, which totally made our day… or week […]

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RESOLVE’s Night of Hope

We received a call from RESOLVE, the national infertility association, that Dr. Lin had been nominated to receive the Star of RESOLVE award. Since RESOLVE presents awards to some well known health professionals, and since we are suckers for positive patient feedback (We can’t help it – They make us happy!), we were ALL very […]

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