Christmas Collage

Thank you all for sending us your Christmas pictures and gifts… We all have enjoyed seeing all the baby pictures, the gift baskets, the cards, and the text messages!  Have a great holiday season!

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A Thanksgiving Miracle

Every year when Thanksgiving comes around, we wonder if we are going to have a “Thanksgiving baby” this year.  A previous patient, whose daughter is now 4 years old, call their daughter a “Thanksgiving baby” because their transfer was on Thanksgiving day!  They remind us every year around this time by sending us a picture […]

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ASRM 2008 Annual Meeting San Francisco

This year for American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual meeting, most of our staff were able to attend, taking courses and updating ourselves with the newest technology and information. We came back with a few interesting things: 1) Books for surrogate mother’s children – It may be challenging for a surrogate mom (gestational carrier) to […]

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Integrative Services

I remember attending a Grand Rounds lecture when I was working at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital’s Integrative Medicine department. The lecture topic was about “alternative therapies.”  The lecturer was an oncologist, and his opening line was, “Alternative therapy – There is NO alternatives to medicine,” which I would agree – His worries of patients seeking […]

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Hollywood Comes Knocking

We received a call from the writer of hit TV show from Hollywood (a very popular one!) asking Dr. Lin for infertility-related advise for their show.  After discussing the possible plots they want to do, we helped them figure out how they could “make it happen.”  Honestly, the “story” is not so plausible in real […]

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Hands-free linked to infertility?

Usually when we hear any findings that modern convenience, such as cell phones, bluetooth, may affect our health, we cross our fingers and hope that it is not true.  However, this month, in a reputable journal Fertility and Sterility, Cleveland clinic researchers warn that using a hands-free device with a cell phone may affect your […]

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Red, white, and blue.

Tomorrow will be September 11th. Don’t forget to wear your Red, White, and Blue. That was the year I was still living and working in a hospital in NYC. I remember volunteering for the Red Cross at Ground Zero and helping the families in distress. It makes you appreciate your family and loved ones even […]

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Dr. Lin in the Media

Dr. Lin was interviewed by OC Health magazine for this month’s issue. The editor was looking for the “best” infertility specialist to interview, and they contacted us!  We are very honored… To read the article, click here.

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Labor Day 2008

IVF is a labor-intensive treatment.  Thanks to all of our staff, whose consistent hard work has earned us unparallel success rates and patient feedback.  Enjoy your long weekend!  (Although some of us will be working on Monday =) )

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Egg Freezing

Some patients had inquired about egg freezing as a way of preserving fertility. In general, it is more of a “last resort” used by patients about to undergo cancer treatment, for example, as an attempt to preserve fertility. Eggs (oocytes) are not as easy to freeze as embryos (fertilized eggs) or sperms because of its […]

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