Making the Case for Parental Duty to Use PGD for Medical Benefit

Bioethicists explores the idea of parental duty to use preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for the medical benefit for future children, in situations in which the parents are going through IVF and know that any children conceived are at substantial risk of having a serious genetic condition. Read the full article HERE

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Meet Giuliana & Bill’s New Baby via Surrogacy

Surrogacy is what enabled Giuliana and Bill to become parents! Giuliana & Bill are two of the most well known TV personalities.  They debuted their new son Edward Duke in the latest issue of Life & Style magazine.  Duke was born via the assistance of a surrogate mother – The couple turned to surrogacy after […]

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IVF Embryos that Were Frozen May Result in Healthier Babies

On Sept 4, 2012, the Guardian published the following article.  The takeaway message is that it reassures the safety of frozen embryos, but does not suggest that frozen embryos are more beneficial than fresh embryos.  In general, fresh embryos provides patients with a higher pregnancy success rate.  Additionally, although embryo freezing is very successful, there […]

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Getting Through the Holidays

It’s that time of year again, where we celebrate the holidays and reminisce about what’s happened this year, when we sing along to Christmas carols and shop for gifts. But it’s also the time of year when we yearn for comfort, for care, and for what we miss dearly. We’re not all surrounded by friends […]

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Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Welcomed Daughter Faith

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman announced the birth of their baby girl Faith, born via the help of a gestational carrier. Read the full article HERE

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Announcement: Jennifer Cook nominated for RESOLVE award!

One of our coordinators Jennifer has been nominated for The Hope Award for Nursing from RESOLVE! Here is what we received from RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, “The Hope Award for Nursing is given to an individual who has exemplified the field of nursing, specifically in the field of reproductive endocrinology and infertility, providing compassionate […]

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Changing Times – by Guest Blogger Melissa B. Brisman

In many countries and even in some States in our country, surrogacy is either illegal, or the laws restrict the parental rights of the intended parents.  We are lucky to be in California, where the parents are able to place their names directly onto the birth certificate born with the assistance of a gestational carrier. […]

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Patients’ Choice Award 2009

This is the second consecutive year we had been given this award.  Thank you very much everyone.  We will keep doing our best. Warm Regards, RFC Family

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Pay it Forward

Recently, I came across a very interesting article in a fashion magazine – a group of strangers were connected by one fact, and that is they had all “paid it forward” by being a donor of some sort, without asking for anything in return.  One donated a kidney; the other donated bone marrow, etc.  I […]

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LA Times – Best Doctors in SoCal

We were featured in the LA Times Magazine October 2009 in the Best Doctors in SoCal.  The article highlighted our philosophy of treating patients like our own family, and the notion of sharing accountability for pregnancy with our patients.  Come in for a consultation to find out about our multi-cycle packages and refund plans!

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