Egg Freezing to Preserve Fertility?

An interesting article by a writer who wrote about women who have frozen their eggs. Read the full article HERE

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Lack of Sleep May Harm Sperm

We’ve posted a series of blog entries about male reproductive health because it tends to receive little attention!  Here is another new study we’d like to share: A new study from Denmark says men who slept poorly had lower sperm count and fewer sperm that had formed correctly, compared with men who slept better. Our […]

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Team of Britain’s Ethicist Conclude UK’s Ban on IVF Gender Selection Has No Ethical Basis

Gender Selection in the US is not banned, although had been the topic of many debates. This article from the UK presents an interesting perspective. Read the full article HERE

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Actress Sofia Vergara reveals that she’s freezing her eggs

Actress Sofia Vergara reveals in April’s issue of Vogue that she’s freezing her eggs. Egg freezing is usually recommended for single women age 38 and under who will be undergoing cancer treatments to preserve fertility, career women or women who are going to delay having families, and IVF patients who may have an issue with […]

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Celebrities Who Used Surrogate Mothers to Have Babies

Celebrities have fertility issues just like everyone else.  Sometimes celebrities sharing their fertility challenges openly can help make them more socially acceptable, or at least seem more common.  Surrogacy has been one journey that is more publically shared than others such as IVF.  It involves a complicated process, but the success rate is high for […]

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Exercise More, Watch Less TV, Can Improve Sperm Count

More on male reproductive health.  Another study was published on Feb 4th in the British Journal of Sports Medicine “Physical activity and television watching in relation to semen quality in young men,” with the finding that in 189 young men, those who lead more active lifestyles had 73 percent more sperm in their semen. The […]

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Lower Sperm Counts Linked To A Diet High in Saturated Fat

Doctors have advised limiting or avoiding saturated fat, which can lead to a variety of diseases.  Now it is also linked to lower sperm count in men.  A research study suggested that a diet high in saturated fat may be responsible for lower concentrations of sperm.  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined the association […]

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Making the Case for Parental Duty to Use PGD for Medical Benefit

Bioethicists explores the idea of parental duty to use preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for the medical benefit for future children, in situations in which the parents are going through IVF and know that any children conceived are at substantial risk of having a serious genetic condition. Read the full article HERE

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Meet Giuliana & Bill’s New Baby via Surrogacy

Surrogacy is what enabled Giuliana and Bill to become parents! Giuliana & Bill are two of the most well known TV personalities.  They debuted their new son Edward Duke in the latest issue of Life & Style magazine.  Duke was born via the assistance of a surrogate mother – The couple turned to surrogacy after […]

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IVF Embryos that Were Frozen May Result in Healthier Babies

On Sept 4, 2012, the Guardian published the following article.  The takeaway message is that it reassures the safety of frozen embryos, but does not suggest that frozen embryos are more beneficial than fresh embryos.  In general, fresh embryos provides patients with a higher pregnancy success rate.  Additionally, although embryo freezing is very successful, there […]

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