Actress Sofia Vergara reveals that she’s freezing her eggs

Actress Sofia Vergara reveals in April’s issue of Vogue that she’s freezing her eggs.

Egg freezing is usually recommended for single women age 38 and under who will be undergoing cancer treatments to preserve fertility, career women or women who are going to delay having families, and IVF patients who may have an issue with discarding embryos.  We don’t recommend couples to freeze their eggs if they have the option of freezing embryos instead.

Analysis on egg freezing stated that best pregnancy rates are achieved in women who are 36 years and younger.  Women with endometriosis, severe PCOS, increased FSH, decreased AMH, or low antral follicle count are not good candidates.

Update: To find out if egg freezing is an option for you, please contact us.  Our embryologist is one of the most experienced expert in egg freezing in the field, having achieved more than 75 live births from frozen eggs!

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