Our Success Rates

Reproductive Fertility Center’s success rate for healthy pregnancies and live births are among the highest in the nation for all age groups. Pregnancy success rates are affected by a wide range of factors. RFC patients present with varying reproductive disorders, previous IVF failures, and advanced maternal/paternal age. At RFC, we attribute our documented successes to having our own state of the art in-house IVF and PGD laboratory, breakthrough technologies, experienced embryologists, skilled physicians, and unsurpassed teamwork among the medical, laboratory, and nursing staff. RFC has demonstrated continuous successes in improving the IVF outcomes for many families that have had previous IVF failures.

Despite the high and competitive pregnancy success rates achieved during our past 10 years of practice in comparison to nation’s best fertility centers, reproductive technologies are constantly improving and advancing. RFC values continuing education and keeping up with current technology and advances. With the advances, RFC is proud to announce our 2015 success rates of 85-90% per embryo transfer (1-2 embryos) achieved through IVF + PGS + FET. This combination of in vitro fertilization, pre-implantation genetic screening, and frozen embryo transfer treatments have enabled the best embryo selection method, lowered miscarriage rate, increased success rate, and created the optimal environment for the embryo implantation.

Success Rates Explained

RFC does not set an age limit for patients wishing to undergo IVF; rather we examine each patient on an individual basis to determine the likelihood of success for that particular patient. If a patient desires the opportunity to become pregnant, we will do the best we can to help. In certain cases of advanced maternal age, we request that the patient obtain medical clearance to undergo treatment.

Success Rates


Our in-house IVF laboratory is led by experienced embryologists such as Dr. Kevin Kiboong Oum who is a High Complexity Laboratory Director (HCLD). Dr. Oum holds the highest certification in embryology and prior to RFC, was a laboratory director at Columbia University, New York City, for many years. Our Scientific Director, Dr. Zihong Zhang, is a world-renowned pre-implantation Genetic Screening researcher and practitioner. His past experiences include many research projects and he was the speaker at many worldwide reproductive conferences. Dr. Zhang also holds a High Complexity Laboratory Director certification, making RFC the only local laboratory with two HCLD embryologists. Our IVF laboratory is certified by CAP, Commission on Laboratory Accreditation of the College of American Pathologists. It is considered the leader in quality assurance and equal or even more stringent than the government’s inspection program. CAP inspectors examine quality control, records, staff qualification, facility, equipment, safety protocols and records, and overall laboratory management, and are designed to ensure that the laboratory meets the highest standards of excellence in all areas. Contact us by phone at 949-453-8600, by email at info@reproductivefertilitycenter.com or click here to schedule an initial consultation with our physician.

Please note: comparing clinical success rates may not be meaningful because patient diagnosis, medical condition, and treatment methods may vary from one center to another.

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