7 Questions to Ask a Southern California IVF Doctor on your First Visit

If you have been trying to get pregnant with no success, you might be at the point where you are thinking about IVF or other fertility treatments. Finding the right Southern California IVF doctor is vital to ensuring that you have a positive and successful experience and get your best results possible. You know you have to choose the right fertility specialist, but you might not be sure how.

Asking the following 7 questions can help you select the Southern California Fertility Specialist that is right for you:

  1. How do they help you prepare for your initial consultation?
    You want your first visit to be as productive as possible. Oftentimes, clinics will conduct a preliminary telephone interview to make sure you are adequately prepared for the appointment. The staff will help you get all the necessary paperwork such as a referral authorization (if needed) before scheduling an appointment. This is also your first chance to interact with the staff.
  2. What are their success rates?
    Pregnancy success rates are affected by a wide range of factors. When making your selection, look particularly at recent numbers and avoid clinics that are not willing to reveal their statistics. You can also get statistics through the CDC. See Reproductive Fertility Center’s success rates here.
  3. What is the age limit for treatment?
    Some clinics will pride themselves on success with older women, but many clinics either have an age limit or ask older women to get a special exam before proceeding to ensure that pregnancy is safe. Reproductive Fertility Center does not set an age limit for patients wishing to undergo IVF. Instead, we examine each patient on an individual basis to determine the likelihood of success for that particular patient.
  4. Does the clinic have both an andrologist and reproductive surgeons either on staff or readily available?
    Sometimes specialty staff members are needed to help give you the best chance of getting pregnant. For instance, the cause of infertility may be due to a problem with the man’s reproductive system or a problem that involves both partners. So, in some cases, it is important to seek the expertise of an andrologist. Additionally, reproductive surgeons can help deal with structural issues such as endometriosis, cysts, or polyps. In some cases, a reproductive exam will reveal issues that can be fixed easily.
  5. What treatment options does the clinic you are looking at have?
    Sometimes clinics will start you off with less invasive treatments such as drugs to increase sperm count. Ask the fertility specialist you are in contact with what other assisted reproductive technologies and treatment options they offer.
  6. If IVF is done, who decides how many embryos will be implanted?
    This should always be a discussion between you and the doctor, regarding how much you are willing to risk a multiple birth and potential ethics. This is an important question to bring up when choosing an IVF doctor or fertility specialist.
  7. How much will it cost?
    You should not make the decision based entirely off of price, but it’s good to be upfront about issues such as how much they want in advance, whether they do a payment plan, and whether they recommend financing.

Finding the right Southern California fertility specialist is a challenge, but asking these questions can help you find a clinic that is competent and with which you are comfortable. It is very important that both parents are comfortable with the clinic and the doctor. If you are looking for a Southern California IVF doctor, regardless of where you are in your fertility journey, contact Reproductive Fertility Center.

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