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RFC IVF Program

Many couples faced with infertility are still unable to become pregnant after first line therapy such as ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, or reproductive surgery. For these couples, the logical next step is to explore Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). 

These treatments include In Vitro Fertilization and other assisted laboratory techniques designed to improve fertilization. The medical team at RFC is dedicated to developing the most successful ART treatment plan for each patient. Compared to simpler treatments, ART procedures typically have very high success rates but are more complex as they involve well-coordinated, perfectly timed effort between the medical team, laboratory staff and the patient. 

We encourage you to learn as much as you can about the IVF program at RFC. This section of the Web site offers an overview of medications, procedures, success rates and financial issues related to IVF. For more information contact us at 949-453-8600, use our online scheduling system, or by email at to schedule an initial consult with our physician.